Lew Watters

Freilich and his values: help for a broken political system

My voting history goes back to 1960, when I cast my first vote for John F. Kennedy for president.

Coming from a GOP family - that's “Grand Old Party,” for young voters who might not recognize the current Republican Party - my mother simply said, “I know you will be canceling my vote for high office, but here are the local candidates I support.” Her list went right down to county sheriff and, of course, all were Republicans. I voted my conscience and hers, and we both lived merrily ever after.

Things have changed dramatically across our political landscape as we enter the 2018 Vermont Democratic Primary. I am not voting for our Democratic incumbent Peter Welch for Congress. Daniel Freilich is my man, and here's why.

Dr. Dan came to my back door on July 4 during the peak of our heat wave. I listened to his goals:...

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