Nader Hashim

Mid-session update: justice, education, and more

‘Serving in Montpelier has been an incredibly rewarding experience (aside from getting Covid), and I am enjoying each opportunity I get to support local communities’

Although I had prepared speeches and paper handouts for folks around our county on Town Meeting Day, I unfortunately tested positive for Covid the day before and had to cancel my plans to visit different towns.

It is especially disappointing because I was excited about the prospect of revisiting our old Town Meeting traditions and talking with folks to present my updates, hear their various issues, and listen in on the hearty town debates about different articles.

But there's always a silver lining! Since I can't go out in person, I realized I can make the most of this isolation time to write a letter containing some legislative updates for folks to read.

* * *...

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Nader Hashim, senator, Windham district

I am humbled and incredibly grateful to be entrusted with the opportunity to represent you in the Vermont State Senate. This campaign has taken me to every corner of our county and has opened my eyes to the nuances of the challenges we face. It has also provided me...

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Bos-Lun: a seemingly endless amount of energy

I first met Michelle Bos-Lun in 2018 when I was running my campaign to be a state representative for the Windham-4 district. Michelle and I found plenty of common ground when it came to issues surrounding racial justice, mental health services, refugees and immigration, and helping the most marginalized...

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Incumbent rep. endorses Mrowicki, Bos-Lun for Windham-4 seat

I am writing to formally endorse both Rep. Mike Mrowicki and candidate Michelle Bos-Lun as the state representatives for the Windham-4 district. Together, they would make an effective and well-balanced team. During my two-year tenure working alongside Rep. Mrowicki, he has illustrated substantial institutional knowledge across the very broad spectrum that is the state of Vermont government. Whenever I had a question during my learning process, he either had an answer or he knew where to find the answer. He...

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NAACP dinner brought us closer together

The Windham County NAACP extends its sincere gratitude to our community, far and wide, who attended our first Freedom Fund Dinner. We were humbled by the fact that through such strong support in the county, we were able to fill Brattleboro's American Legion Post to maximum capacity! It was a night that brought us even closer together, a night that has further refined our vision for our future in this county. As Windham County is one of the counties in...

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Choice bill shows that Vt. respects bodily autonomy

The House Committee on Judiciary has had quite an interesting session. Our committee covers many of the controversial issues that arise in our society. At the beginning of the session, we members came together to determine our ground rules. We established that our purpose is to uphold the rule of law, adhere to the Vermont and U.S. constitutions, and foster a judicial system that adheres to the values of democracy and our values as Vermonters. At the start of the...

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Coffey: honesty, authenticity, and accountability

I am writing this letter in support of Sara Coffey and her campaign for state representative for Windham-1. These days, I feel as if citizens are holding the values of honesty, authenticity, and accountability at the forefront of their minds when choosing candidates. After watching Coffey's campaign earlier in the season, and after having the opportunity to speak with her, I am confident that she embodies the values we need in politicians. She has a strong determination to bring communities...

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‘A significant pleasure to meet so many people and feel inspired about the future’

Thanks to all the folks in the Windham-4 district for my recent victory in the primary election. There were some who helped a little and some who helped a lot; regardless, all the support made a world of difference. This campaign was one of the most inspiring and challenging tasks I've undertaken in my life. It has been a significant pleasure to meet so many people and feel inspired about the future of Vermont. Particular thanks go to: • David...

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