Anita Rafael

A piece of restaurant history

A piece of restaurant history

A conversation with Charles Mallory, who recently restored the Four Columns Inn and opened its Artisan Restaurant as a modern-day homage to its groundbreaking farm-to-table menu of the 1960s

Dining al fresco with Charles Mallory at Artisan Restaurant at Four Columns Inn in Newfane inevitably turns into a conversation about the ways in which food in Vermont is unlike food anywhere else.

Mallory is the CEO of Greenwich Hospitality Group, a company he founded in 1999, which owns the inn and upscale, attention-to-detail properties in Connecticut and Texas. He also is celebrated for his success in his shipping brokerage firm; for his activities in the vintage automotive world; and for his collection of antique cars, some of which become an attraction at the inn when parked in front of the great classical portico with its four fluted Greek-revival-style columns.

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