Ruby Bode

We are living with the consequences of previous administrations’ autocracy

Elayne Clift stresses that there is not a political crisis but a constitutional crisis, yet the examples she gives are all political, not constitutional.

The U.S. presidency has become steadily more autocratic over decades, most dramatically under Bush and Obama. Trump has actually attempted to correct that imbalance by returning policymaking to Congress when it belongs there.

Perhaps that is the constitutional crisis that Clift is stressed about: that Congress long ago abdicated so many of its responsibilities and now refuses to take them back.

Indeed, Trump did not write the Patriot Act or oversee spying on every American. Trump did not assassinate American citizens. Trump did not revise the rules of Congress to allow religious headgear on the floor. He hasn't even overthrown another country yet!...

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Unhinged reaction

This piece is itself nothing but demagoguery. It is a series of accusations that are not backed up by a single attempt to show evidence for them. The only thing dangerous about the Trump presidency is that it has unleashed such unhinged reaction. Indeed, this piece disturbingly parallels Father...

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What do Russians have to do with it?

What do Russians have to do with any of this? It was the Clinton campaign that smeared Bernie Sanders' supporters as “bros,” and it was the Clinton campaign that blamed their loss to Trump on Russians. Their - including Sanders' - inability to admit either of those facts does...

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Election was assertion of democracy, not privilege

MacLean Gander seems strangely oblivious to the gutting of the middle class over the past few decades, largely at the hand of urban elites too happy to blame their victims for not being cool enough. But the same people he derides here voted for Obama twice. And Obama progressively betrayed them. Ten years after the crash of 2008, it has been widely noted that most of the country has yet to recover. That was Obama's failure and the reason voters...

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Press and editorial wallow in demonization of Donald Trump

What press operations have been “reined in and silenced”? Facebook increasingly closes down TeleSur and Venezuela Analysis, and Alex Jones and InfoWars have been shut down in a concerted action by iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, and now Twitter. Many other so-called conservative broadcasters have been removed from Twitter and demonetized by YouTube. It is not the president's critics being silenced, but his supporters, along with critics of American “liberal” imperialism. Yet this editorial ignores all that and continues to wallow...

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