Phoebe Sparrow Wagner

Organization gives — and gives back — to community

Brattleboro Time Trade members create an economy of mutual assistance, banking hours by helping their neighbors with tasks both large and small

BRATTLEBORO-One winter not so long ago, Tony, a professional juggler, discovered that a huge icicle had fallen from his roof and penetrated the ceiling above his living room.

Several gallons of water had collected in a large pouch there, held back only by paint, which he punctured and drained into a bucket. Surveying the damage, he sighed, knowing that repairs would be costly.

However, as a new member of Brattleboro Time Trade, or BTT, a local time-bank organization that began in 2009, he decided to try what he thought might be a long shot: He wrote up a request for help and posted it on the BTT website.

To his surprise, Kip offered his skills.

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