Shirley S. Squires

Coffey follows in the footsteps of Ron Squires

Before I met Sara Coffey, she called and brought her family to enjoy my collection of nativities, and we've been friends since then.

Recently, she stopped by while I was going through some political books. Sara showed great interest in the books from my son Ron Squires's time in Montpelier, when he served as our state representative from Vernon and Guilford in the 1990s.

Sara took some books home to read and keep. She enjoyed listening to stories about how Ron started his political life.

When Ron was elected, he showed his love and concern for everyone he was serving. When folks from his district came to Montpelier, even unannounced, he always made time to welcome them.

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Coffey: Visit brings up memories of son

Recently, Sara Coffey stopped by to visit. We talked about my son, Ronnie Squires, who served in the state Legislature in the 1990s. Ronnie was for the little guys, for everyone he was serving. He wasn't pushy. He listened to everyone and hoped they'd see his side of things.

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