Marilyn Chiarello

Let us remember who we are

After enduring four years of lies and divisive rhetoric that culminated in a violent assault on our democracy, we as a nation are facing the arduous task of healing and finding common ground while working for the common good and a return to decency.

Members of the Brattleboro community recently gathered for Annual Representative Town Meeting to engage in the democratic tradition of cooperative decision-making and civil debate.

That same day, a small group of outsiders whose views do not reflect our community's compassion and caring showed up in Pliny Park.

Let us remember who we are as a community and unite around our values of decency, compassion, and caring for each other.

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Schoales: clearly committed to informed decisions for our community

Thank you, BCTV, for streaming the Selectboard candidates forum. It provided me with a fuller picture of where the candidates stand, and it has solidified my support for David Schoales, who clearly demonstrated his commitment to making informed decisions on behalf of our community. I was particularly impressed with...

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Field-resurfacing decision process deserves multigenerational perspective

This is the first year Vermont has officially celebrated Indigenous Peoples' Day after the permanent change was passed at the state level earlier this year. In honor of the Indigenous peoples who inhabited this beautiful continent before western Europeans first set foot on these shores, let us reflect on...

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