Marshall Stanton

For cross-country teams, fans have long been family members

I read the article regarding Ava Whitney, the Brattleboro Union High School runner who was asking for fans to show up and cheer them on, with interest. For cross-country teams, it has long been a reality that the fans will all be family members.

In reading her comments, my concern is that she seems to believe that situation will change at college. The reality is that it gets worse, with less support than in high school.

Here's why. As an example, I will use one college - Bates College - that she said has interest in.

When you look at their roster, they have runners from California (five), Texas (two), North Carolina, Minnesota, Maryland, Virginia, Alabama, Montana, and Washington, D.C.

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Those who serve protect free expression

Thank you, Gary Sachs, for being a draft resister! During my time in service, I would never have wanted to depend on your integrity in a life-or-death situation. Those I served with were filled with true humanity. That's why only 8 percent of the population took the one step...

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Changes in VA program make it worlds apart from 2014 version

As an example of what Rebecca Coffey refers to as President Trump's 20,000 lies, she references that on Aug. 8 he created another lie regarding the signing of the Veterans Choice Program. Ms. Coffey notes that Veterans Choice was “signed into law” by President Obama in 2014. The clarification...

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Was Marlboro’s fate not already determined by its alumni?

I read this Viewpoint by Amy Domrad Tudor with interest. She related her experience at Marlboro College, assessed the current situation, and lamented that alumni had not been informed of the situation. Her response is to let alumni make the decision as to what the end result will be. But didn't alumni already make that decision? According to the US News & World Report Best Colleges 2017, the alumni donation rate for Marlboro was 25 percent. This means that 75...

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Keep lidocaine patches from entering sewage system

Kudos to Bruce Lawrence and his team for their persistence in diminishing the smell of the waste treatment plant. I live in Morningside, and know what that was like. They did great work. I have wanted to visit the plant, but am sensitive to sulfur, and the smell even from afar set off symptoms that were not good. I would also like to speak to Lawrence's comment about flushing wipes, which are indeed not flushable. Speaking as a former New...

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Vote wisely — our way of life depends on it

I am troubled by what is happening in this country I love. Our electoral system has been under attack for some time via cyber meddling, media manipulation, voter suppression, gerrymandering, and other means. Abraham Lincoln, a great Republican, hoped that government of the people, by the people, for the people, would not perish from the Earth. What would he say about the far-right shift of his party? And how do you think Donald Trump would reply? Trump promised to be...

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