Gerard Cloutier

Sincere Republicans won’t find common ground with politicians who support our downfall

Vermont Representative Mike Mrowicki's viewpoints on the reasons that Republicans and Democrats are so divided suggests how little Democrats like him understand about what is important to Republicans here in Vermont and across the U.S.A.

During one of President Trump's State of the Union addresses, he boldly stated that “America will never be a communist country.” This statement speaks volumes to everyday patriots - Americans whose grandfathers, fathers, sons, and daughters have fought in certain wars against communism around the world.

Republicans, in many cases, do not always approve of President Trump's personality or lifestyle choices. What they do agree with are the policies and actions of his administration: the end of useless wars, a return to law and order, a strong military, peoples of all nations putting their sovereign needs first, the ethics of hard work and the rewards that come with it, the freedom of domination from globalization such as the course of events that led to the “Brexit” movement in the United Kingdom (followed by similar movements in other nations in the European Union).

Despite Mr. Mrowicki's daydreams for common ground, sincere Republicans will never find common ground with politicians who openly support and even legislate the downfall of this republic and a slide towards communism and some sort of “Bernie Sanders democratic socialism.”...

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Contrived and coordinated bias and disdain won't change the facts

IElaine Clift claims that “If Democrats fail to provide strategic messages that hit home, voters won't know what's been happening under the radar because of the Trump administration, nor will they realize how it affects them.” It's my observation that the Democrats, supported by the print media, broadcast television,

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Treat liberals with Trump derangement syndrome in advance of his victory

In the dull afterglow of the Jan. 15 Democratic debate, it occurred to me that it's probably a good time for liberals to begin preparing themselves and their liberal-leaning friends for the landslide 2020 re-election of President Donald J. Trump. It's important to be immunized against Trump derangement syndrome...

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The threat to American democracy is not from the outside

In response to the Viewpoint by the renowned professor of English and journalism, MacLean Gander, I ask, “Where's the breaking news?” This boring and overstated attack on the elected president of our democracy is nothing more than the same talking points spewed every day by the obviously left-leaning “mainstream media” sources, such as The New York Times, Politico, The Washington Post, MSNBC, and others. It's worth noting that it is not the job of the United States Congress to formulate...

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No target on my back

After reading Kevin O'Keefe's recent Viewpoint, it is quite evident to me that his attempt to directly blame President Trump and his administration for the recent mass shootings that have occurred across America fails because so few of his comments and observations were backed up by facts and research. I, for one, do not feel as if I am living day by day with a target on my back. In fact, I enjoy every freedom America has to offer. I'd...

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Land of the free?

Walking the aisles while shopping at the local big-box discount store (you know the one!), I suddenly began to question something deeply personal about myself: How come I could never see myself veering towards the political Left? And, then, a couple of aisles later, it came to me. I realized that those with left-leaning views vote for their legislative representatives based on the “free stuff” promised to them from every campaign podium. Free health care! Free community college tuition! Reparations!

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Trump: not ‘wounded’ or a ‘victim,’ but a successful president

No popcorn needed, thanks. In Kevin O'Keefe's opening paragraphs of his essay, he seems to exhaust a lot of words trying to psychoanalyze President Donald Trump, as if the president were a character in a play. Mr. O'Keefe's experiences as a performer in developing the gestures and posture of a character that a playwright has already delineated in a script, in my opinion, do not directly apply to real people, even less to a man he has never personally known...

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Trump’s support, and a far-different example of masculinity

I am often not surprised when left-leaning journalists such as MacLean Gander, a frequent contributor to these pages, often defines and separates the good people of our country by pointing out this person as “white male” or that person as “cisgender,” or another person as “LGBTQ.” I feel that these words are being used by many people like him to divide us into subgroups to cause conflicts and hatred. This was my feeling particularly when reading his 1,350–word essay on...

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