Corey DiMario

The closeness of neighbors

Small gestures and the day-to-day things build and nurture a community

Corey DiMario is a musician and the proprietor of Patio Coffee, at the Hooker-Dunham block, at 139 Main St. in Brattleboro.

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Falling short on a progressive climate agenda

In leading the country on climate-change policy, Vermont is far from exemplary

Recently, I had the pleasure of riding my bicycle through Brattleboro. Cycling is my primary mode of transportation and I ride 12 months of the year, through cold, snow, freezing rain, and sunshine alike. What made this particular ride stand out is that it took place in early February,

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Skating on black ice

On Mary Oliver’s passing, and the power of poetry to connect us to the natural world

This week I skated on black ice on a lake near my home, as did so many in my small community. The rare chance to experience the natural effect of newly frozen water offers a doorway into the natural world. It is an invitation to take pause, to put...

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