Leo Schiff

Bouquets of flowers left at the foot of the driveway at Morningside House in Brattleboro in the aftermath of the brutal killing of Leah Rosin-Pritchard, the coordinator of the shelter.

One year later, solidarity as a community

The only way to address enormous challenges is to come together as we did after the death of Leah Pritchard-Rosin

Leo Schiff is a social worker and activist who has lived in Brattleboro for the past 40 years.

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Close access to the parking garage roof

It is my understanding that there have been four completed suicides from the Transportation Center roof in a little bit over a year. Surely, the parking revenues are not worth this tragic loss of life. The town needs to close access to the roof immediately, until a different solution...

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Library thanks those who responded to strategic planning survey

Thanks to the more than 350 respondents to the Brooks Memorial Library strategic planning survey. The library board of trustees and staff are dedicated to learning what the community wants and needs so we can improve our services and be an asset to the community. Thanks also to the...

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Would today’s training have resulted in better outcome in 2014 death?

I attended Sunday's demonstration in memory of George Floyd. I carried a sign reading “ask me about michael santiago.” Due to the noise and social distancing, I had little opportunity to explain. On April 4, 2014, at 5:30 a.m., an officer of Brattleboro Police Department shot and killed Michael Santiago in a motel room at America's Best Inn during the execution of a search warrant for drugs. After breaking down the door and shouting “show your hands,” Santiago was shot...

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Quipp: Spot-on values

I support Daniel Quipp for the one-year Selectboard vacancy in Brattleboro. Daniel has the combination of superb listening skills and spot-on values. He is passionate about environmental sustainability, equality, and inclusion. He has the interest, the drive, the skills, and the love of our community to serve it well.

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