Elizabeth McLoughlin

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ McLoughlin: ‘Let’s work together and with the police department to solve our town’s crime problems’

As I stated in my recent newspaper profile for this Selectboard race, we have problems in Brattleboro that only working together can solve.

Crime is certainly a major problem. I have been working to understand and address our crime problem in my four years on the Selectboard. I've seen these issues myself on my police ride-along.

Chief Norma Hardy reported to the Selectboard the nature and level of crime in our town. This data showed us that the most serious crime in our community is domestic abuse and child abuse. Addressing crime downtown is certainly important, but don't be fooled: Arresting loiterers is not the solution to our downtown and neighborhood break-ins. Our town employees, including the police, are here to serve all of Brattleboro.

Let's focus on the real issues and not be distracted by wordplay or performative actions. Let's work together and with the police department to solve our town's crime problems.

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McLoughlin to ‘continue to work for fairness and kindness’ on Brattleboro Selectboard

Thank you to the people of Brattleboro for electing me to a three-year seat on the Selectboard. Your vote allows me to continue to work for fairness and kindness as we maintain a civil society in Brattleboro. I thank David Schoales for his many years of service to the...

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New Selectboard member grateful for support

I thank the voters of Brattleboro for their trust in me, as I look forward to serving as a Selectboard member. Where else but here can you run in a four-way contested election and end up with three new friends? I thank candidates Daniel Quipp, with whom I look...

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