Ann McCloskey

Prop. 5: vital to protecting access to reproductive health

About half of the United States may soon ban or greatly restrict women's right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to term. For far too long, politicians across the country have been restricting reproductive rights, and now they are gaining ground.

Right now, Vermonters' safeguards for reproductive freedom are dependent on the politicians in office. These rights are essential to women and need greater protection.

With the fate of Roe v. Wade hanging in the balance, state-level protections are vital to protecting access to reproductive health.

By voting for the Reproductive Liberty Amendment (Proposal 5) in November, we can protect reproductive autonomy for Vermonters over the long term, no matter what happens in the Supreme Court. The amendment to the Vermont Constitution protects reproductive rights that already exist in here, ensuring that the rights women rely on today won't change tomorrow.

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‘Because I was the recipient of this kind of support, I am beholden to give back’

I read and re-read Dan Jeffries' Viewpoint on why it is that people like him and his siblings should not be expected to financially support programs for those who have less. While I understand the pride he takes in the hard work of his family members (whom he uses...

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