Oscar Heller

Candidate statement: Heller for Selectboard, Brattleboro

My name is Oscar Heller, and I'm running for Selectboard. I believe I have the temperament and skills to do a great job on your behalf. I value thoughtfulness, hard work, and public engagement. I'm not afraid to admit when I don't understand something, or to ask hard questions on behalf of the public. And I'm not afraid to stand alone or take a hard vote if I disagree.

I found Brattleboro through Camp Waubanong and moved here permanently 10 years ago. Since then I've started two small businesses, bought a building and become a landlord on Elliot Street, and gotten involved in local politics.

I first joined the Energy Committee, and I am currently a town meeting representative and a member of the Finance Committee. I'm 35 years old, and I want to be a part of building our future.

As a Finance Committee member for four years and former chair, I plan to bring my experience to bear on next year's budget process after some speed bumps this year. That's a priority for me.

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Three Selectboard candidates will act on fighting climate change, reforming police

Brattleboro prides itself on its democracy, and rightly so. And in many years, service on the Selectboard might have been an apolitical exercise in good government and civic participation. But the new board that will be elected on Tuesday, March 2 will face real policy choices, and depending on...

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Selectboard candidate inspired by campaign

After I lost the Selectboard race, many people reached out with condolences. I told them all the same thing: I wasn't disappointed or discouraged. I was inspired. I met so many new people through my campaign. Their ideas fired my imagination, and their knowledge and experience stoked that fire.

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