Lucy Jane Congleton

Many different forms of action are needed in social movements

Byron Stookey suggests that murals, demonstrations, and slogans are “counterproductive” to social movements. I am grateful for the thought-provoking piece.

I agree that statements can be abused. In particular, “Black Lives Matter” is often used by well-meaning non-Black people who wish to express solidarity to an experience of oppression they do not share. It can become a comfortable display for a predominantly white community to preserve its politically “progressive” front without putting real effort into making a place safer for Black people.

As a white American, I live in the privileged position to choose whether or not I ignore problems in my community and the world. It is important to me to have these phrases prevalent.

After all the hard work it took for Black and students of color to get Brattleboro Union High School to fly a Black Lives Matter flag in 2018, what does it say about Brattleboro that the school decided to take it down after the first few weeks of the following school year, without any communication with the groups who put it up?...

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In this era of climate crisis, young people scream in despair

This past Saturday, I participated in a demonstration that blocked the Strolling of the Heifers parade for about 20 minutes [story, A1]. Two of my friends involved stayed on the street until they were escorted out by police. The Heifers parade is cherished by communities within and beyond Vermont's...

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