Susan Odegard

A destructive and painful path

Within every country, you will find good people who just want to live in peace. The majority of the Earth's population longs for peace - yet wars are our species' default behavior.

Like so many, I was horrified when I heard about the Hamas attack on Israel.

My first thought: How could Hamas possibly justify such brutality toward Israeli citizens and care so little about the people of Gaza, given Israel's well-known history of over-the-top retaliation against any Palestinian uprisings, be they peaceful or violent? If the images and descriptions of heinous cruelty doesn't keep one up at night, what would?

My second thought: What the hell did anyone expect?

The whole Israeli–Palestinian nightmare was a setup from the start. The displace, discard, and dismiss policy debacle portended endless war. Decade after decade, generation after generation of Palestinians have suffered the humiliation of Israel's boot-on-the-neck treatment, resulting in constant deprivation, denigration, and lives riddled with innumerable losses: loved ones, land, homes, livelihoods, dignity, freedom.

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Greedy, cynical, and sordid health-care system preys on seniors

I am very appreciative of Jane Katz Field's piece. Months before my husband was to become eligible for Medicare, he started doing exhaustive research on the various plans, which resulted in him avoiding Medicare Advantage plans like the plague. At the time, I teased him about the intensity of...

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A fine and fragile balance between peace and violence

The past four years, culminating in the events of Jan. 6, have shown us two contradictory sides of human nature

When I was in high school, I witnessed a vicious fist fight between two male classmates, and it shook me to my core. The violence and the cheering of the crowd horrified me. I managed to hold it together until I got home, but the minute I saw my...

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‘Trump is a dangerous, destructive madman who can’t see or act beyond his own narcissism’

Many wise and resonant words have been written in The Commons regarding the current state of politics. In my view, Mr. Cloutier's letter is not included in that category and epitomizes the toxic soup that dominates the Republican Party of the early 21st century. The ingredients are explosive, and it's a recipe for disaster. For those who claim to support Donald Trump's policies without supporting the man, I ask once again: Isn't condoning the man, or looking the other way...

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'I didn't go through this process blithely'

I've always been very grateful for the Voices section of The Commons. How many citizens get a longer format to express an opinion or tell a personal story in their local newspaper? My sense is, not many. I've always likened the process to a three-legged stool represented by the writer, the editor, and the reader. I only have control over what I write and must let it go once it reaches the editor's desk, and can only hope that my...

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How many more gut punches can this country endure?

Make no mistake: Our beloved country is being red-zoned by an Orange Armageddon. I'm not talking about the horrid fires out west, although I can imagine those poor souls who have faced them have nightmares of a hell with orange flames. I'm referring to Donald J. Trump, one of the most unqualified and morally bankrupt presidents in U.S. History. Given the ravages of his crass, thug presidency coupled with the battering effects of climate change nipping at our very survival,

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Lady Abigail kept the ideals of Lady Liberty alive

I recently attended a memorial service for a dear friend who died last year at the age of 92. “Abigail” was a person whom I met through work, someone I probably would have never met under any other circumstance. She became the diamond in the rough in an otherwise nightmarish work experience. Abigail and I bonded as we tried to maneuver through our trying workdays while learning to communicate with each other. She became deaf in her 50s due to...

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