Dr. Geoffrey P. Kane

Worth the effort

The most powerful resource promoting recovery from substance use and/or mental illness is not medication but respectful interpersonal relationships, which prove challenging during the pandemic. Yet success is still possible.

September's National Recovery Month observance invites reflection on “recovery” and reminds us that recovery from addictive substance use and/or mental illness is worth seeking and protecting.

While people intent on establishing and maintaining recovery can succeed no matter what, the Coronavirus makes that prospect tougher than usual. But recovery is worth the effort, and it is possible to overcome obstacles created by COVID-19.

Individuals with serious substance-use disorders (addictions) and serious mental illnesses have a lot in common. They frequently isolate from others, put themselves in danger, and judge themselves harshly.

People who consume large amounts of alcohol, heroin, and other drugs have the added problem of feeling worse if they stop or cut down because they go into withdrawal.

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