Chris Zappala

Trump apologists pick and choose facts to suit their argument

I cannot let Gerard Cloutier's selective dismissal of Kevin O'Keefe's recent Viewpoint go unchallenged.

Cloutier (let me guess ... straight, white, male?) cites numerous statistics claiming that latest statistics show criminal activity has decreased. One criminal statistic he does not cite is that hate crimes have risen steadily since 2015, when Donald Trump began his presidential campaign in earnest.

The piece does not address O'Keefe's mention of congressional inaction, despite majority public support, on gun-control legislation. Nor does he address the number of mass shootings. (His “knives are weapons, too” argument is a false comparison.)

I am tired of Trump apologists picking and choosing facts to suit their argument. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck - sure, it's covered in feathers just like a bluebird, but it's still a duck.

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