John Walters

Elm Street in Montpelier, after the flooding in recent days.

Our huge and largely unspoken climate justice issue

The poor and working-class people live in low-lying areas prone to flooding because that’s where the affordable housing is

One low-lying stretch of Elm Street in Montpelier, one block over from Main, runs parallel to the North Branch of the Winooski River. It's one of thousands of similar city and town streets where poor and working- class people live.

Or used to, anyway. Where they live now, I have no idea.

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Democrats weigh in on embezzlement

At meeting, county party leaders back away from a call for new state leadership

At a meeting Monday, the Windham County Democratic Committee quickly disposed of a resolution calling for new leadership in the state party. Instead, the panel approved the drafting of a letter expressing concern over an alleged embezzlement of party funds and appreciation for actions taken by party leaders to...

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