Jim Levinson

Charitable contribution

‘I just stood there for a long while, almost speechless, thinking about how little this man must have and how precarious his finances must be’

I have been delivering Meals on Wheels for a couple of years. Each time I do my deliveries it provides another lesson to me about growing older, loneliness, isolation, and what being poor amongst the riches of this country means.

I see people struggling with deficient housing, neglected trailers, places littered with trash and peeling paint. I see older people struggle to get to the door. Some are grateful for just a brief greeting or small bit of conversation while I drop off their meals.

Despite the brief contact, over the years I have begun to get to know the seniors who are on my route. Some want to engage; for others, it is just fine if I hand them their meals and leave.

I wasn't prepared for one recent encounter, though.

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A collaborator in compassion

Peter Elwell, Brattleboro’s soon-to-retire town manager, has celebrated the work to advance the belief that people be treated with justice, equity, and respect, and to create an environment of empathy for others’ welfare

As tributes continue to pour in about Peter Elwell following the announcement of his retirement as Brattleboro's Town Manager at the end of the year, we have been hearing lots about his remarkable efforts in financial planning over his six- year tenure and about his commitment to human resource...

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Compassion for a sister community’s family in need

Brattleboro can now take pride in having seven sister communities (well beyond that of any comparable town in New England). These include two Native American communities plus towns in El Salvador, Haiti, Kenya, and India - and a town with similar compassionate interests in New York state. Read on...

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Schoales: reason and compassion

The recent discussion of David Schoales' candidacy for re-election to the Brattleboro Selectboard strikes me as right on the mark. David's record on the ongoing issues facing the town has been impressive, and his new ideas valuable and timely. He also has served as an active member of Compassionate Brattleboro, another indication of the ways in which he is continually striving to make ours a healthier community. And, during the Selectboard discussions on Brattleboro workforce diversity, David offered what has...

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