Matti Salminen

Transience and art

‘Being a transient artist in this town seems like a natural step in the line that I’ve taken to be one of the artists here’

Transience in this town has been a source for news and debate for as long as I've lived in Brattleboro.

My work among the transient artists in town who've mixed with young radicals began with organizing an artist's hostel out of the basement apartment of Ben Keating in a church on Elliot Street.

This hostel became a hub for me to work as an art critic in town, for Phil Innes and Vermont Views, and to bring to light the counterculture that surrounded my work.

This work began as soon as Benny and I met at Equilibrium, a café that at the time was on Elm Street and has since become Superfresh Organic Café. He saw me writing and explained to me that he needed to get a book published. I sent him to Patrick DiGiovanni, a graphic designer, and the book was published in a few days.

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