Thomas Abbotts

Counter-protest attempts to ‘terrorize us into silence’

If you wonder about the state of our state, the recent pro-Trump rally at Pliny Park in Brattleboro should tell you everything you need to know. Conservatives, Republicans, and independents are not allowed a voice. They will be silenced.

The rally was duly scheduled and permitted that Saturday. But the participants were overrun and out-shouted by the Black Lives Matter/Antifa crowd.

They were passive-aggressive, shoving signs in our faces, in front of our cameras, butting shoulders, stepping on feet, knee-bumping from behind our people. They shoved, then slapped a sign and the U.S. flag from the hand of an 85-year-old gentleman, knocking him back. Then they stomped on his American flag.

This is far from peaceable!...

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More congressional power over presidency: a very bad idea

The 1973 War Powers Act was passed as a reaction to the Vietnam War. It provides a layer of checks and balances on the president before war can be declared. Since then, presidents have (or should have) taken action whenever Americans were in “clear and present danger.” They were...

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A bad candidate is a bad candidate

The Democrats' field of presidential candidates has lost all of those who were people of color, and some are mighty upset. Upset at whom? Those who didn't send enough money to those candidates? Those who failed to show up at rallies? The DNC for actually having rules and enforcing...

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