Toni Powling

White: Honest, respectful, independent, fair

I have known Cristine White for many years in both personal and professional capacities. She is honest, independent, and fair.

I know that if she is elected to the Newfane Selectboard, she will treat everyone with respect. She has extensive business management experience and knows how to understand complex budgets and regulatory documents.

Newfane would be lucky to have her serving the town as a member of the Selectboard.


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We should celebrate a color-blind country, not apologize for it

As long as the public, public officials, and institutions fall for the lie of critical social justice and critical race theory, more chaos will ensue

Critical race theory and critical social justice are the latest bandwagons for the “woke.” Critical theory, founded in Marxism, is designed to further divide our country. It is carefully packaged in a set of seemingly benign and appealing terms, ideas, and goals that, if one doesn't look too closely,

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True equality of income will not be solved by government

We are caving under our tax burden. We need other measures to help make healthy, safe, and vibrant communities.

I read with interest Tim Kipp's top-of-the-fold Viewpoint on real democracy. There are items, as a conservative, with which I agree or mostly agree - for example, his points that democracy is a participatory process, and that it may need to change as the country evolves regarding demographics, technology,

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Rabid Democrats have pushed the public beyond reason

Impeachment by the House of Representatives is one thing; holding onto the articles until such time as Nancy Pelosi deems appropriate is quite another. To what purpose? To try to influence an election? That is rich. Having gone this far, we need the impeachment of the president to go quickly to trial. Doesn't the Constitution say accused are entitled to a speedy trial? Or maybe they are waiting until they can threaten enough Senators into submission? A handful of rabid...

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