Cris White

Scrap the labels, and stop the assumptions

Let's begin with Nicholas Boke's assertion that a “significant number” of Republicans and independents “assume” that physical violence can get us out of this mess. Trust me when I say that if this were true, it would have already happened. Contrary to the talking points of Democrats and the media, the vast majority of Republicans and independents are informed, thoughtful, restrained, and measured in their responses.

Regarding the “attack” on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, it is a complex story with many layers and players which have yet to be uncovered or disclosed. That didn't stop the rush to judgment (will we ever learn?) based, in large part, on the media reporting.

It is a calculated strategy, in my opinion, for the media to pick sides and push an angle, rarely retracting or correcting even when the story is proven wrong. Many of us are waiting until all the facts are known. Sometimes things are not as they seem.

You want to talk about rewriting election laws? You want to talk about shenanigans? Just examine the 2020 election. Changes under the guise of Covid precautions opened the door to potential fraud and abuse but, worse, distrust in the system. The actual facts and ramifications are, as yet, unknown. All of this was implemented for the 2020 election.

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The differences do not traumatize me

It is hard to know where to start with this long op-ed piece by Dan DeWalt. He starts off asking about how people can believe certain things and not accept facts. What facts, I wonder? The facts he believes? Are we not able to have our own beliefs? Then...

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With compost law, anticipate unintended, unpleasant consequences

There are a lot of questions regarding the Vermont mandatory composting law that starts July 1. First: What is the goal? To change the location of methane gas emission? Because that will be the result. There will be the same amount of waste; it will just be spread around.

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