Ursula Nadolny and Timm Harris

Effecting change, as individuals, by volunteering across the border

Given all the mind-boggling political events of the day, one might be forgiven for not remembering that there are still so many fleeing persecution and hoping to enter the U.S. We can still be drawn back to 2018 and the outrage we felt over the child separation policy news.

As time has gone by, and while many organizations and individuals continue the fight for migrant justice, on a personal level it's not been easy to effect positive change - not vigils, not demonstrations, not even civil disobedience provide much satisfaction. The plight of those seeking asylum in the U.S. is what it is, unless and until it becomes something else.

In this environment, my husband and I looked around for what we, as individuals, might be able to do, to lessen the trauma of those caught in the asylum nightmare.

Under current policies, asylum crossings have been so drastically deterred that organizations serving newly entering asylum seekers no longer need many volunteers. So, we looked elsewhere - to the other side.

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