Amy Tudor

More than $57,000 pledged to effort to preserve Marlboro

After years of institutional mismanagement and months of fostering confusion, misdirection, and outright fabrications, the Marlboro College Board of Trustees and its president are set to close down the 70-year old institution and transfer its $35 million remaining endowment to Emerson College in Boston, along with a handful of tenured Marlboro faculty. Meanwhile, Emerson will sell the $10 million campus to the highest bidder.

Everyone else will lose their jobs, Windham County will lose a remarkable asset, Vermont will see the further diminution of its longstanding tradition of small, independent colleges, and higher education in America will see a small increase in its homogenization.

None of that has to happen. There are alternatives.

Now, inspired by the more than 1,100 friends and alumni of Marlboro who have signed the online petition questioning this “merger,” we have launched the movement “I Believe in Marlboro College.”...

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