Miriam Dror

‘Sherrie misses her mom’

A teacher witnesses sacredness, breathtaking compassion, and silent holding on the part of two first-graders on the Navajo Nation

Some silences can be very loud.

I worked on the Navajo (Diné) Nation in Arizona from 1999 until 2006, before I moved back to Vermont. During that time, I worked as a counselor at the Little Singer Community School, which served students in preschool to eighth grade.

The Diné people tend to be quiet and very understated. Observing the children, I experienced some deeply moving expressions of compassion, which led me to an understanding of how many such acts, brought to the world by our youngest ones, often go unnoticed.

I ran into one of these early one morning in the hour when the buses would arrive at the school and the children would head to the cafeteria for breakfast, where they probably do most of their good eating.

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Shock, anger, sadness — and so much kindness

For a Pittsburgh expatriate, the Tree of Life synagogue in Squirrel Hill was his shul. The compassion expressed in the aftermath of the shooting there was deeply touching.

Of the many sentiments offered to me in recent weeks, these words, spoken by a recently released prison inmate with tears in his eyes, are ones I don't think I'll ever forget. “I been there, brother. I'm feelin' it with ya.” The Squirrel Hill community of Pittsburgh (the actual...

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Kornheiser: demonstrates knowledge and sensitivity

I am impressed by Emilie Kornheiser's experience and preparation for public service. She has engaged in a wide variety of work settings - local and international, policy- making and service-oriented. In Vermont, she has engaged with both the Snelling Center for Government and Emerge America to be ready to...

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Galbraith brings depth to economic development

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