Richard Evers

As if by fiat, Wessel’s got the truth (and God) on his side

Both the ignorance and arrogance of Tim Wessel's cold, completely one-sided, pro-Israeli op-ed are simply breathtaking.

Here's one egregious example, particularly of the latter: "I don't believe the [pro-Palestinian] protestors fully understand the politics. I say that many haven't studied the history, and most have been taken in by an advanced, Hamas propaganda machine […]"

You "say"?

You also say that Hamas started the war. Is that some kind of joke? It's obvious you nothing of the real history of the region, yet, as if by fiat, you've got the truth (and God) on your side.

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All for impure, brutal, savage, horrific, racist vengeance

U.S. military experts determined that a 500-pound bomb ‘was far too large’ to use in urban areas, yet Israel drops 2,000-pound ones on a hospital and other targets

Richard Evers describes himself as "of Jewish heritage but not of faith or belief." On Nov. 26, in The New York Times, the headline for the lead story on the front page reads, "Gaza Civilians, Under Israeli Barrage, Are Being Killed at Historic Pace." The article goes on to...

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The destructive power of words

Lies have contributed to and continue to fuel the savage violence being perpetrated upon the doomed people of Gaza (and the West Bank)

There has been such an incredible amount of violence, destruction and, yes, murder (as I write, over 8,500 and counting) in Gaza since the Hamas attack - not to mention over the many previous decades - I think one has to be either numb or willfully blind not to...

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Misplaced public spending, from outer space to Putney Road

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling overwhelmed by the cascade of bleak news this year from around the world. Incomprehensibly huge forest wildfires in Canada (like the ones in California, or Australia a few years back, remember?). Heat waves, droughts, and floods around the world - including, of course, here in Vermont. The relentlessly destructive war in Ukraine, week after terrible week, that shows no signs of ending. Add to that President Joe Biden's stubbornly low approval ratings...

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Noble thoughts from a Supreme Court justice of yore

Thanks to the wonders of interlibrary loan, I'm reading The Place No One Knew, a 1963 Sierra Club book by photographer Eliot Porter, about the incomparable Glen Canyon in Utah just before it was flooded and lost forever, thanks to U.S. Department of the Interior and the thirst of white people in the southwest and California. The book is a series of magnificent photographs opposite memorable quotations. One of these, by famed Supreme Court justice William O. Douglas, particularly struck...

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Biden could solve this crisis not with appeasement, but with a fair exchange

On the March 2 broadcast of NPR's All Things Considered, I heard Linda Thomas-Greenfield, our ambassador to the United Nations (who, by the way, was described as wearing the colors of the Ukrainian flag) say about some anti-Russian resolution she and others were proposing as being part of “a battle for the soul of the world.” Give me a break, please! When the U.N., as it has many times, nearly unanimously passed resolutions condemning, say, U.S. aggression in Iraq or...

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Buildup to potential conflict in Ukraine: a tragic waste of precious time, energy, and resources

Some thoughts about Ukraine: For the past few weeks I've heard pretty much nothing but sensationalist, war-fever stories in the U.S. press, including NPR and PBS (two of my main news sources). Even Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine, stated recently that the media were exaggerating the threat of war. But of course it sells papers and boosts listener and viewer ratings. On Feb. 1, Amy Goodman's news show, Democracy Now!, devoted the entire hour to Ukraine. She interviewed peace activist...

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Buying local is a win-win ... and win

It's spring, and I decided to spring for a new pair of Birkenstocks. I knew I wanted to buy local from the Shoe Tree, but I just couldn't resist going online to see what the cost difference might be. What a surprise! Most of the listings for the style I wanted, including on Amazon, were about $125, plus shipping. (I don't have Prime.) Then I went downtown, and the Shoe Tree had the exact style and size I was looking...

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