Muriel Wolf

A season for silence, reflection, and restoration

‘Winter is also a time not just of death but of rebirth — of aspects of nature, and of aspects of my own nature’

I’ve just finished reading the wonderful book Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May, and her beautiful book reminds me why winter is such a precious time of year for me.

Her story is a poetic memoir, an investigation of her inner and outer worlds. Most poignantly, the book opens with a courageous revelation of her inner-world struggles — a nosedive into fear and uncertainty as her husband faces a grave health challenge, her 6-year-old son refuses to return to school, and she herself makes the radical decision to leave the security of her teaching position amid an emotional crisis that demands silence, sleep, and a steady diet of reflection and self-exploration.

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‘The most delicious imaginable fruits of her labors’

Paintings of Susan Parenti get a COVID-tized exhibition at Next Stage

In this exceptionally difficult time for artists who want to exhibit their work in a gallery setting, there is a show currently on view in the gallery at Next Stage Arts that is well worth a safe visit. I have known Susan Parenti and her work for a quarter...

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The changing landscape

This pandemic has taken so much, so quickly. It is also providing so very much.

This morning, as I looked out my window to the mountain and river, I watched a drifting tunnel of fog kiss the surface of the water, then ascend until my house was embraced by its soft, white arms. Just below the house, the ancient beech tree - where each...

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