Nicki Steel

In hard-hit Wilmington, the Town Hall marked the levels of floodwaters, long-ago and recent — until its recent repainting.

Flood levels on Wilmington Town Hall represent hardships, strength, resiliency, perseverance

Sometime in the late 1980s, then–Wilmington Town Manager Sonia Alexander asked if I would paint the 1938 flood level on the side of the Town Hall. I was happy to do so, and it immediately drew interest of locals and visitors as we thought about an important part of our history.

A few days after Tropical Storm Irene I checked with the town and was given permission (encouraged, actually) to paint the new, higher level. It marked the hardship that we had all just lived through in a very meaningful and emotional way and, again, was a focal point for residents and visitors.

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Wilmington would lose so much by ending in-person Town Meetings

I see on the Wilmington Annual Town Meeting warning two articles related to going to Australian ballot and doing away with Town Meetings. It is important that Wilmington voters know that this means that Annual Town Meetings would cease to exist. Our form of town government would change, drastically.

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Committee continues planning Wilmington celebration, for now

We, the Wilmington Old Home Week Committee, are continuing to plan the event scheduled for July 30 through Aug. 2. We know that it is possible that we might have to cancel or postpone the wonderful celebration, but we will not make that final decision until early June. At...

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