Lisa Chase

Zion National Park, Utah.

In our national parks, some common ground

A change of scenery in an extreme natural world can offer a change in perspective on many levels

Lisa Chase is retired and lives in Putney when not exploring national parks.

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A leap from fear of change to demonization

'It is not the business of Windham-Windsor Housing Trust to solve Putney's problems with respect to policing, worsening mental health, the opioid epidemic, cavernous income disparity, crying needs for funding public education, roads, and fire and emergency services'

Lisa Chase is a Putney resident. In response to Mark Borax: Yes, Josh Laughlin was a co-owner of the Alice Holway property held by a consortium known as Gateway and sold to Windham-Windsor Housing Trust (WWHT). And yes, Josh Laughlin was on the Putney Selectboard, and yes, Josh Laughlin...

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We have to embrace the mess of democracy. But how?

I feel compelled to respond to Jim Freedman's confusion and distress in his Viewpoint, which I share. I believe that Donald Trump is a sociopath and is bent on destroying a political system that we call democracy, with the collusion of a sycophant Congress. I also believe that Donald...

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