Tim Grant

‘Newspaper’ bashes Republicans, hates America

I don't care that Dan DeWalt founded this "newspaper"; I'm sick of hearing from him. And I'm also sick of Nancy Braus, "who contributes often to these pages." (Too often!) These people hate Israel, and they hate America.

Then you print two full pages of "poetry" regarding the Israel-Hamas war. Actual poets must be rolling their eyes.

Elayne Clift is the worst columnist ever. All she does is bash Republicans every chance she gets. She calls Trump "morbidly obese." Isn't fat-shaming something liberals disapprove of? But when it comes to Trump, anything goes - right, Elayne? She also says he's an "obvious psychopath."

My hope for 2024 is that Trump will be re-elected, and The Commons will fire nasty woman Elayne Clift.

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Love and dignity for the unborn, too

Dan DeWalt says, “If we don't accept all people on the planet with love and dignity, then we will continue to allow violence, strife, and injustice.” But since Democrats support abortion, they're the ones who don't accept all people on the planet with love and dignity.

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End of Roe v. Wade will be a glorious day

To Susie Webster-Toleno, M. Div.: The Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices will soon be overturning Roe v. Wade, which will be a glorious day. You say you are “nearly incandescent with rage” at Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett, yet you are not outraged that more than 63 million unborn children...

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After reading Pat Sheehan's letter regarding her uterus and my testicles, here's my response to Pat and all the other pro-aborts out there: Smile! Your moms chose life!

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Pro-choicers are ‘making a point that [they] care’? Uh-huh.

So sorry I missed the Sept. 12 pro-abortion rally at Pliny Park where Eliana Merson and other charming youngsters voiced their opposition to the Texas Heartbeat Act. These pro-aborts are concerned about the climate, but couldn't care less about the tens of millions of children who have been aborted in this country. Miss Merson says, “We are making a point that we care.” Uh-huh. Also, it was unnecessary for The Commons to print “g-----n.” Shame on the editor and on...

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Neighbors don’t need to explain their politics to anyone

Jim Freedman (a leadership development consultant, whatever that is) doesn't know how to “deal with the fact” that his neighbors support President Trump. He is alarmed that they have a MAGA flag on their property. He wonders if it is his “job” to “educate” them. This may come as a shock to Mr. Freedman (and his wife), but their neighbors have every right to support our current president. They don't need to explain themselves to the Freedmans, or to anyone.

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Oh, how they've panicked

MacLean Gander says “our highest political priority must be to come together as a nation.” Then he proceeds to attack President Trump. Mac is also offended when Trump calls the foreign virus a “foreign virus.” That is not racism, because the coronavirus is a foreign virus, a Wuhan virus, a Chinese virus. It is what it is. I wrote a letter to this newspaper years ago and said that liberals will panic when Trump is elected . Oh, how they've...

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