Leslie Goldman

Another year, another uncertain start

The 2022 Legislative session starts much as last year’s did — remotely

The second year of the biennium has started with a similar uncertainty as the first year. So, as omicron surges in Vermont, the first two weeks of the legislative session are remote.

I was surprised to feel much more comfortable than last year sitting virtually in the Health Care Committee, which shows how far I have come in using this technology.

The Legislature has sent our first bill to the governor which will give our local election officials the flexibility they need to plan for safe Town Meetings across the state. The Government Operations Committee worked very quickly to get this work through the House to the Senate to support our town clerks and to maintain election integrity for the March Town meetings. Really important work!

During the first week, all committees were focused on the fiscal year 2022 (FY22) budget adjustment. We have the opportunity to review and reset the current year's budget as part of the yearly budget process. The adjustment recommended to us by the administration totals approximately $182 million.

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Intense and thorough

A freshman legislator describes reporting, interrogation, and other processes from inside the State House

As we near the end of the session, I have been thinking how to give you a flavor of what it's like to be a legislator. Prior to being a member of the Legislature, I had never been aware of the process of bills being reported. The reporter of...

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‘I am here’

A new legislator reflects on two days of mission and meaning

Jan. 6 and 7, 2021 have been memorable days. Wednesday morning started with the convening of the 2021–22 biennium of the Vermont State Legislature. The first action was a roll call by the secretary of state, Jim Condos. Each member was required to acknowledge their presence. I was asked...

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Goldman thanks Windham-3 voters, campaign volunteers

Wow. Goldman, 2,182. Partridge, 2,032. Coyne, 1,295. I am very honored that the voters of Windham-3 have elected me to represent them in the Vermont House of Representatives. The learning curve will be steep, but I will do my best to represent constituent voices and communicate back to our district what is happening in Montpelier. First, of course, we need to get through the presidential and Senate elections and see where we stand. It is unclear what action may be...

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On constituents and community

As we enter the most contentious national election of our lifetimes, we must remember to focus locally as well. The crucial role of the Vermont House of Representatives was apparent in the override of the governor's veto of the Global Warming Solutions Act, H.688. It is imperative to look toward the future for our children and grandchildren. Legislators have a challenging job. They are required to understand the intricacies of policy, which can have significant implications for their constituents. Although...

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State rep. nominee urges early voting

On Aug. 11, primary voters had the difficult task of choosing two Democratic candidates to represent Windham-3 in the Vermont House of Representatives in the general election on Nov. 3. I am very grateful to have been chosen as one of those two. I would be both humbled and honored to serve Windham-3 as our state representative, and I want to take my focus on problem-solving to the State House to take on the difficult challenges in health care, our...

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Relief effort does not duplicate work of other local services

We are writing to the members of the Rockingham community to clarify the role of Rockingham Help and Helpers (RHH) during the COViD-19 crisis. Concerns have been raised that we may be impinging on some of our established nonprofits by providing redundant services and by receiving donations of food and money that they might otherwise get. RHH came into being immediately after our governor's stay-at-home order was issued when several of us called the town manager with offers to help...

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