Stanley E. Noga Jr.

Bos-Lun reaches out to Brookline residents

I support Rep. Michelle Bos-Lun in her bid for reelection to a second term in the State House, to represent the Windham-3 District (Brookline, Westminster, and Rockingham).

I first interacted with Michelle when the House and Senate redistricting concluded. She reached out to express a willingness to meet and discuss issues that the citizens of Brookline might want to address.

In that discussion, she demonstrated knowledge of issues which are important to this district. She has also made time to knock on Brookline citizens' doors to introduce herself and learn our concerns.

She introduced herself at the polls in Brookline at the state primary election in August. She has made herself available via meet-and-greet sessions within the district.

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Remove those glass ceilings with your vote in November

With this upcoming election, the United States is approaching a decisive moment in its continued development. Despite 2{1/2} centuries of effort, the practice and acceptance of the principles of equality, rights, rule of law, and freedom regardless of gender, nationality, skin color, religion, age, etc., has only imperfectly evolved.

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