Elizabeth Christie

Remer for WSESD School Board

I've known Brian for decades, and believe his strong set of personal skills and professional experiences make him an ideal candidate for the WSESD School Board.

Brian cares deeply about the healthy development of our children and the larger community. He has taught elementary and middle school students, coordinated Vermont's youth suicide prevention initiative, served on a Youth Services Diversion Board, and currently co-leads an interfaith youth group focusing on peer support and community service. It includes young refugees new to Vermont.

Brian has also designed and led interactive courses on leadership, supervision, ethics, sexual harassment, and inclusion - all issues relevant to WSESD school board members.

Brian is an experienced meeting facilitator, gifted with the ability to help others listen respectfully to each other and collaborate on positively addressing challenging and sometimes divisive issues.

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Jerome: a thoughtful, capable leader

I first met Cindy Jerome 21 years ago: she was president of the Brattleboro Food Co-op board, and I was a new board member. Leadership rested thoughtfully and capably on her shoulders then, as it did years later, when she became president of the Brattleboro Rotary Club. Cindy has...

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Deen, Mrowicki care for planet, children

In choosing our representatives to the Vermont Legislature, I urge Windham County voters to join me in supporting long-term representatives David Deen and Mike Mrowicki. I believe that our two most important responsibilities are caring for our planet and caring for our children. Without careful and knowledgeable attention to...

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Beware of scammers

I'm basically a trusting person. I'm also over 70 and have limited computer savvy. The other day I received a very polished phone call from a “technical assistant for Windows representing www.windowscare.net” (it's a real website). He was initiating the call “because of an abnormally large number of infections and viruses that were on my computer.” My “license key,” he said, had expired, my antivirus program was therefore not working, and I needed a new key. His voice was friendly,

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Racine is the best on children’s issues

With such a strong field of richly experienced Democratic candidates running for governor in the Aug. 24 primary, all affirming many of the same strong values, how does one choose? For me, the choice comes down to how they prioritize those values, their track record in working for them, and how they work with others. Doug Racine, senator and former lieutenant governor (under former Governor Howard Dean), is my candidate. One of Doug's key priorities is the well-being of Vermont's...

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