Charles (Bud) Bergmann

Let’s consider legislation that appeals to a broader political spectrum

With the election over and the Democratic Party in control of Vermont government, I suggest that efforts be made to support government that helps all without offending those of us who are more right of center politically than the left-of-center Democrats.

With that in mind, let me mention an evening get-together where strong, liberal, part-time Vermonter, and Democratic Party member John Kenneth Galbraith came up to me and said, “Bud, I know you are right of center politically, but you might like to know that my two best friends in the world are George McGovern [who had run for president as the Democratic Party candidate] and William F. Buckley Jr. [a leading conservative thinker in America for many years].”

My reaction was that John Galbraith was a class-act person who could think outside the box. We could use more of that.

Let me suggest a few legislative ideas that would benefit most Vermonters:...

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There can be no closure for Marlboro College

The introduction to the excerpts of the transcript of Seth Andrew's sentencing hearing mentions: “[W]e hope the judge's words - and Andrew's words to the court - serve as some sense of closure.” But Seth Andrew and his actions had nothing to do with the closing of Marlboro College.

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What happened with Marlboro College was egregiously wrong

On or about July 22, Marlboro College trustees transferred the remaining Marlboro College endowment of $20.250 million to Emerson College in Boston and sold the 366-acre campus including over 50 buildings to Democracy Builders for $225,000, with Democracy Builders assuming a 40-year, $1.5 million note to the Marlboro Music...

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