Gibson Chase-Pinkney

Baby foods contain dangerous levels of heavy metals, report says

I am writing to let people know about a recent congressional report that details the high levels of heavy metals in practically all baby food sold by four major brands.

Heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and mercury have terrible effects on the development of young bodies - in particular, on neurological development.

Baby formulas are mostly used by poor families. The levels of lead in some of these products were found to be 177 times the safe threshold for an adult, and children and babies are much more sensitive to the effects of heavy-metal poisoning.

I hope that people contact their representatives, community leaders, religious or spiritual groups, and anyone else they can think of to help pull these poisoned foods off the shelf before they cause any more harm.

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Be safe, and postpone the live performances

I saw today that a venue on Main Street has announced a live musical show. This is really irresponsible, and the people running the event can't actually ensure that it is safe. They are not experts, and they do not have experts available that can make sure that their...

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