Tyler Austin

‘Masterwork of irony’ sends customer to Amazon

I would like to thank independent bookseller and activist Nancy Braus for her essay. It is a master class in irony.

Why does Ms. Braus, the independent bookseller, “refuse to carry the creatively awful books about the perfidy of vaccines, of Anthony Fauci, or of the 'hoax' of Covid,” yet complain that “books we read and believe in are being censored daily” and “our voices are not being amplified,” as she enjoys a full half page above the fold of a local paper?

I haven't had such a good laugh in 23 months.

The facts that: 1) she enjoys the position of a local media maven, 2) in a store named as it is, 3) making a living in, literally, the marketplace of ideas, 4) marginalizing people with different views while wondering aloud where the sympathy is for her (and her “comrades'”) fury (mentioned four times), 5) censoring scholarly works with thousands of footnotes while defending narratives that cite no tangible evidence or double-blind studies, 6) as “a longtime activist,” celebrating the fact that domestic non-violent protestors have been incarcerated in horrific conditions without trial for almost an entire year, and 7) blandly asserting that people, many of whom formerly regarded as heroes, being faced with losing their livelihoods over their assertion of “my body, my choice” are only being “asked” or “pressured” into a medical intervention (while the Nuremberg Code calls these tactics “coercion”), makes seven levels of irony right off the cuff.

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Calm down, tame your fear, and think clearly about COVID-19

I am grateful for MacLean Gander's piece, since it encapsulates the raw hysteria gripping the U.S., engulfing even our once reasonable, thoughtful oasis of Vermont. As a member of the board of directors of Vermont Independent Media, surely Mr. Gander is aware of the power of word choice. So...

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