Rhianna Kendrick

Public comments can forestall a discriminatory rule

HUD is trying to change the rules to let shelters place trans people in facilities based on their sex, not their gender identity — a further barrier for a population that already experiences homelessness disproportionately

In a shocking move, during a time of crisis in our country, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), announced on July 24 that it intends to roll back protections for transgender people.

The proposed policy reconsiders protections put into place in 2016 which allowed transgender people to access shelter space based upon their gender identity, not their sex assigned at birth.

The removal of this protection would permit shelters to establish policies that disregard their gender identity.

Shelters are often the best access point for a person experiencing homelessness into programs that provide safe, individual housing - a critical need during a global pandemic, which is putting those without a home at greater risk than ever before.

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