Patricia Dickson

Gov. Scott, end this 'horrible and unfair piece of legislation'

Dear Governor Scott,

I will not vote for you and will encourage all voters I can to do the same unless you rescind the addition of the excess spending threshold to Act 68. This has decimated our local schools for years as we have tried to provide a quality education for our deserving students in Windham County.

To add insult to injury, for the past 20 years we have been struggling under an error in the formula used to calculate Equalized Student Weighting. This error incorrectly shorted us of resources needed for our many free and reduced lunch and English language learning students. We are staring at a possible $4 million bond to make our high school safe.

When held to making the difficult decision whether to cut programs or do building maintenance, we chose to put our dollars toward financing deserved vibrant and robust programming.

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