Bill Dunkel

Presidential portraits of James Madison (by John Vanderlyn) and Thomas Jefferson (by Rembrandt Peale).

Two founders and religious freedom

One hopes that Christian nationalists will reflect upon the words and deeds of Madison and Jefferson

A bill is introduced in a state to tax citizens to support the teaching of the Christian religion.

Opponents circulate a petition opposing the measure.

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All children are vulnerable to this madness

An unholy alliance between politicians and the NRA has blocked Congress from taking meaningful action to protect the nation’s children from gun violence in their schools

The U.S. spends $1.73 trillion a year for national defense, but we cannot protect our children from being shot in school. The recent carnage at the Covenant School in Nashville - the 13th school shooting this year - proves again that all children are vulnerable to this madness. Twenty...

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Lore about the Second Amendment is not just historically inaccurate. It’s getting our children killed.

Hamilton’s writing shows that the real right to bear arms was a blueprint for a citizen army. That model just didn’t work very well.

If the Founding Fathers were around today, they would be flabbergasted by our inability to take even the most basic, commonsense steps to protect our children from being murdered at school. Passively accepting, year after year, horrific school shootings, like the recent slaughter in Uvalde, Texas, would strike them...

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