John Moran

Loss of local control over our schools

Wardsboro without a school: That is the risk as Act 46 moves forward.

With the upcoming vote on consolidation, we are on the verge of losing control of our school. If Wardsboro, Marlboro, and Dover vote yes, we in Wardsboro will have minority representation on the new district board.

If only Wardsboro and Dover vote yes, we will still be at a disadvantage: Dover has twice the student population of Wardsboro and, after the 2020 census, that town will most likely have the controlling votes on the new board.

Given one town's superior position, it is difficult to believe that the concerns of both will be given equal weight.

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John Moran, state representative, Windham-Bennington 1

For years, the towns in the Deerfield Valley area have attempted to create a sustainable, year-round economy in the shadow of a major employer focused on a winter economy and on-mountain activities. Countless attempts at economic development over time led to the repetitive pattern of creating study committees that...

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We need a revolution

Now is the time for Vermont to join Bernie Sanders' political revolution. According to our Declaration of Independence, government is instituted to secure our unalienable rights, and in a democracy, government is guided by our cultural, social, ethical, political, and economic values. Although no value is superior to the...

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