Jonathon Podolsky

Community can take active role as stewards, guardians of Potash Hill campus

On Nov. 5, I attended an informational meeting at the Marlboro Community Center run by Brian Mooney, director of Potash Hill, the subsidiary of Marlboro Music Festival in charge of renting out the campus.

I was very impressed by his understanding of the values held by various stakeholder groups that have overlapping histories and are affected by what will happen there: alumni and others who cared about the college, the music festival, and the town, region, staff, etc.

I see in him strengths that, as I know from my experience fighting to save institutions in transition, are critical: vision, willingness to experiment, an understanding of the organization, and most importantly, “fire in the belly.”

Daniel Toomey writes in the article “Believing It In: Robert Frost, Walter Hendricks, and the Creation of Marlboro College” that Frost believed that “worthy ends are met through the power of belief, and embracing risk is a necessary step in achieving those ends.”...

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Democracy Builders overpromises

Seth Andrew is adept at using words that evoke the democratic ideals of our country. However, it is by no means clear that he delivers on these lofty ideals. As reported in the article, there have been questions raised about Seth Andrew's organization. The email quoted in the article...

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