T. Breeze Verdant and Annie Landenberger

Are travelers from hot spots clear they might be carrying virus?

We are hearing stories of people arriving from out of state to escape large urban areas where there are greater odds of becoming infected with the coronavirus. We can see cars at the seasonal homes of out-of-staters.

We'd be sheltering at our vacation home, too, if we were urban dwellers with flexible options. But there seems to be an inherent problem in that it's not clear that these travelers are aware of possibly being virus carriers.

Adults and children have been seen arriving in out-of-state cars and browsing in local vegetable stands, picking up produce, putting it down repeatedly - each time potentially leaving the virus behind.

Folks who are clearly visitors are showing up on local roads with unleashed dogs. What's the use of staying 6 feet apart from one another if an unknowingly infected dog owner sneezes, then pets their dog, who, in turn, runs to jump on the unsuspecting passerby?...

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