Bill Morse

U.S. lawmakers are disconnected from Vermonters

BELLOWS FALLS-First off, thanks to Joyce Marcel for writing this article on retired Sen. Patrick Leahy.

While the article made thoughtful mention of our former senator's efforts to secure more funding for local Vermont interests and mitigation of the human tragedy of U.S. mines, napalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam, this remains cold comfort to the many challenges that Vermonters, especially our young people, face today.

We need far more Town Meeting–style gatherings with our two senators and our U.S. representative.

Programmed visits are good for a small group of select people, but the majority of us believe there is a disconnect between the halls of Congress and the small towns and cities of Vermont.

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It is important to celebrate the mothers here at home

After reflecting on Elayne Clift's recent column celebrating women, I would like to emphasize the nurturing role of mothers. Growing up in what was considered a “nuclear family,” we kids generally had many reasons to love, and eventually respect, our mother daily. She'd greet us when we'd come home...

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The power to change the crime situation lies in our own hands

It was with great interest that I read this piece by independent bookseller Nancy Braus. While crime is, like so many other issues, a national one, it is more effectively dealt with on a local level. Our future as a state is not dependent on who did and does...

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Is this the 'big tent'?

As someone who has held public office as both a Democrat and Republican, I read Erica Walch's Viewpoint with interest. She mentions briefly that many Republicans, including herself and Gov. Phil Scott, strongly disavow Donald Trump, yet she doesn't mention the policies on which she differs. To simply “disavow” a public-policy-making figure comes across as shortsighted. Is it pragmatic to shut the door of opportunity in working with his administration, ignoring the many voices that never appear in The Commons...

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