Rhonda Holland

We need medical facilities close to home

My son and I have used the Rockingham Health Center for primary care since I moved to Bellows Falls 13 years ago. Because I can't drive, it's important to me to have access to doctors in my own community. A lot of us count on this health center.

I have also used the urgent care section. When I had a serious problem, they transported me to Springfield Hospital. There are also specialists who come to the center on certain days, and the only dentist in Bellows Falls who takes Medicaid is located in that center. I and others need all these providers for our care.

With Springfield Hospital and the Rockingham Health Center in bankruptcy proceedings, I'm worried about what will happen to our health care in Bellows Falls. It's important for our community that the center stay open and that all the facilities remain there. This is especially important for those of us on Medicaid, because all the doctors and dentists there take Medicaid. This is crucial for dental care in particular.

The pandemic is showing how seriously we need medical facilities close to home. The governor should do all he can to keep this health center and Springfield Hospital open - not just during the pandemic, but beyond.

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