Evie Lovett

Big Tree Quest was a success

On behalf of the Putney Big Tree Quest planning committee, we extend a huge thank you to all who made the Quest possible.

These people include the community members who enthusiastically submitted 106 Big Tree entries, Julia Von Ranson and the Putney Public Library for being home base, Amber Paris for her Big Tree artwork, Ruby McAdoo and Sam Quintal for graphics, Ines Zeller Bass for the art making event, Josh Fields, Ann Kerry, Gino Palmeri, Tom Hinkley, Dawn Zweig, Sam Quintal and Rich Grumbine for the guided tours of Putney trees, Putney School student Isanna Moodie who designed the certificate for the winners, Hidden Springs Maple for supplying Putney maple syrup to the winners, Andrew Morrison and Dawn Zweig (and Dawn's students) for verifying winning trees, and the community of Tunbridge for sharing this awesome idea with us!

A special thanks to Dawn Zweig, Ann Kerrey, Casey Murrow, Sam Quintal, Andrew Morrison, and Julia Von Ranson for stepping up to join us in planning.


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Mural is a call for all to face the racism embedded in our society

As a current resident of Westminster and a part of the Putney community for 30 years, I want to thank community members and the Putney Selectboard for the decision to paint a Black Lives Matter sign on the road in front of Putney Central School. The “BLM is racist”

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