Fric Spruyt

Some of the almost 800 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft still on the ground in Oklahoma in 2020 after two fatal accidents in 2018 and 2019. One major factor was determined to be faulty flight control software.

Must short-term gain come with long-term suffering?

We have much to learn from individuals, communities, companies, and countries that are quietly trying to make life better

Fric Spruyt is a property owner and property manager in Brattleboro and a member of the town's energy committee.

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How did we get here in our national politics?

Hearing about the latest debacles in Washington, D.C., I am inspired to recount how we got here. We are at a point where we have a Supreme Court that doesn't understand the need for separation of church and state, confirmed by a Senate that seems to have completely lost...

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Changing our lifestyle can really make an impact

As we take in (or avoid) the news, a feeling that it is all quite hopeless is almost inevitable. In a way, many likely find this feeling reassuring, though we may not want to admit it. It gets us of the hook. Obviously, we as individuals can't solve any,

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They made the world a better place

Maggie Cassidy and Tim Cowles were some of the best examples of what it means to “think globally and act locally.” Tim's dedication to the environment is now legendary, certainly among those who knew him. Decades ago he showed how far he was willing to go to live his values. Over lunch one day, he said he was thinking of building a house. I asked if he had thought about an earth-sheltered house. He asked “What's that?” The next time...

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Rental ordinance results from the politics of division

At the Dec. 15 Selectboard meeting, when the board discussed an ordinance to restrict how much rent can be required of new tenants, I found the thoughtful and constructive tone set by its chair, Tim Wessel, and the rest of the board very refreshing, especially as I have been so focused on the profoundly dysfunctional national political scene for so long. Some of the comments from the public, however, proved that our little town is not immune to the politics...

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Section 8 program benefits tenants and landlords and deserves more federal funding

I have been surprised that there was no mention anywhere of the very well run (locally by the Brattleboro, and Vermont State Housing Authority) HUD Section 8 housing subsidy program. As a landlord, I have long appreciated the benefits of the program for both tenants and landlords, and I have made a pitch to our representatives in Washington, D.C.: “Our current global pandemic, as difficult as it is for almost everyone, is also a chance to make some long overdue...

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