John Todd

We are finally vaccinating ourselves against a horrible threat to health and well-being

I am proud to have been among the first 10 Brattleboro area health care workers and first responders to receive the COVID-19 vaccination administered at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital on Dec. 16.

I'm so happy to report that it was less painful than the jab of a flu shot, and oh, what a relief this jab was.

We're finally on our way to vaccinating one another against this horrible threat to our health and our community's well-being. This has been a devastating time for our country, yet we're only just turning the corner to imagining recovery from our ongoing social and economic nightmare.

Two days after vaccination, I feel fine - not even a sore arm. The process was simple: a scheduled appointment, registration, then an easy and quick vaccination, with a 15-minute monitoring afterward.

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