Jeanette White

Vermonters should check unclaimed property website

Every year, millions of unclaimed assets end up with the Vermont Office of the State Treasurer.

Treasurer Beth Pearce makes a concerted effort to get those assets back to the rightful owners, citizens of Vermont. In 2015, $5.11 million was returned to 13,107 people.

The assets could be forgotten bank accounts, uncashed paychecks, security deposits - almost anything. In addition to cash, other equities are also returned.

These assets do not belong to the state, but the state is responsible for holding and returning them to their respective owners.

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Ethics commission has role to play

Our Senate bill is only a start, but we will learn from its first steps

The issue of ethics and the lack of an ethics commission has been of great interest over the last year or so to the media. How many Vermonters are passionate about the issue is not clear, but we in the Senate have taken the issue seriously and have just...

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My reasons for supporting the marijuana bill

For many years, our policy of prohibition has not worked — not for youth, not for law enforcement, not for the citizens who have become criminals as a result

In recent weeks, the state Senate voted to pass S.241, a bill that would allow legalization and regulation of marijuana. Here are some of the reasons I sponsored and voted for the bill, some of the highlights, and an explanation of what the bill is and what it isn't.

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Democrats rebut Liberty Union letter

To Jerry Levy, Aaron Diamonstone and Windham County Voters: Becca Balint and I were a bit saddened and surprised to see the letter from you in last week's Commons. Your letter made it sound as if we refused to participate in forums where all candidates have been invited. This is not true. You, Jerry, came to the Windham County Democratic Party meeting to ask if the Democrats wanted to co-sponsor a forum. After much discussion, the vote of all those...

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White: Thanks for your support

Windham County voters, thank you so much for your continued faith in me as your senator and for giving me the right to have my name on the ballot for the general election on Nov. 4. I am honored and humbled by your support. I thank Becca Balint, Joan Bowman, and Roger Allbee for putting their names forward and engaging in a positive and civil campaign. It was well said by Ann, Roger's wife, when she said, “I am impressed...

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White: Working at the foundation of our democracy

The past 12 years have been exciting, challenging, frustrating, rewarding, and humbling. I would like to continue to use my experience and relationships to work for Windham County and the state of Vermont. I served on the Senate Health and Welfare Committee as we began working toward a universal, single-payer health-care system. I continue to work toward this goal. Our mental-health system has also been a priority of mine. Serving on the Mental Health Oversight Committee, I have worked hard...

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Your vote is your voice, don’t forget to use it!

It seems that elections come earlier and earlier in Vermont. This year, we will have a primary on Aug. 26. The primary is a party function, allowing the major parties - in Vermont, that means Republican, Democrat, Progressive, and Liberty Union - to determine their respective candidates. Voters do not register for a particular party, so the primary is open. When voting, you will be given four ballots, you will use one, and then you will discard the other three.

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By any measure, it was a successful session

The end of a legislative session always brings mixed reviews - some of them on the outcomes, some on the process itself. From my perspective, this was a successful session on both counts. First the process. We had a new governor, cabinet, and staff. In the Senate, we had six new senators; a new lieutenant governor presiding over the Senate; a new secretary of the Senate, and a new president pro tem. We had two new members out of three...

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